10 inspiring female artist websites

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27 July 2021
Inspiring female artist websites

Today I’m sharing 10 inspiring female artist websites for any other female artists out there!

If you’re an artist and are wanting to create your very first website or give your existing website a make-over, gathering inspiration is an excellent thing to do.

Gathering inspiration simply means looking around at what other people are doing, and getting a feel for what you like and what you don’t like. If there’s something another person does, there’s nothing wrong with using it as inspiration for your own website as long as you make it your own and you’re not simply copying what’s already there.

To make things easier for you, below is a list of 10 websites I thought might help spark inspiration for you. They’re all by and for female artists, and they’re mostly self-built websites on platforms such as Squarespace, WordPress, Wix and Shopify.

There is no ‘best’ website builder to use… only the best for you and what you need, and the examples below show that you can create a beautiful website no matter what the platform!

inspiring female artist websites

Jill Calder artist website

1. Jill Calder

jillcalder.com | Jimdo

This is one of my personal favourites in the list, as it’s a really great example of how less is more. It’s easy to navigate and access all the information you need, and when you first land on the homepage you get a lovely full screen focus on some of Jill’s work.

Vinny's World artist website

2. Vinny’s World

vinnysworld.co.uk | Shopify

I think this is a brilliant example of how to organise a shop if you have a lot of artwork. The work is separated into sections on the homepage, making it easier to browse through than simply having to scroll down a long list.

Sophie Ellis illustrator website

3. Sophie Ellis

sophieellisdesign.co.uk | Adobe Portfolio

This is a really inspiring example of how branding can be used simply and effectively on a website. From the moment you visit the website you get a great feeling for Sophie’s work, due to the images, hand-drawn logo and fonts used. It’s a well-presented, simple and clear website.

Sophie Ellis illustrator website

4. Ohn Mar Win

ohnmarwin.com | Squarespace

A very simple, clean website for this watercolourist, illustrator and teacher. The homepage is very clear what is being offered, and directs you to the main elements of her website. A nice way of organising several different elements.

Carolyn Gavin artist website

5. Carolyn Gavin

carolyngavin.com | Squarespace

This is a joyful and inspiring website that is a shop first and foremost. Carolyn’s simple spacious theme showcases her bright, colourful artwork to great effect.

Maria artist website

6. Maria Coit

mariacoit.com | Squarespace

As an art educator, Maria’s focus is a little different. Her main message when you visit her website isn’t immediately about her art, it’s about you and your art. This clearly shows that the website is doing more than selling artwork. It’s simple and effective, leading with words as well as pictures.

Linzie Hunter illustrator website

7. Linzie Hunter

linziehunter.co.uk | WordPress + Divi

An incredibly fun, lively website that gets across the feel of Linzie’s style instantly… and not just through the presentation of artwork but through branding too. Adding movement creates a sense of fun, without detracting from the main elements of the website. Includes portfolio and a shop.

Gillian Gamble artist website

8. Gillian Gamble

gilliangamble.co.uk | Squarespace

A clean and simple portfolio website that the art work to be the main feature and do most of the talking. Very short and sweet, the intention is clearly to showcase her work to potential clients.

Katie Chappell illustrator website

9. Katie Chappell

katiechappell.com | Squarespace

I love Katie’s website, you immeditely get a sense of who Katie is and what she does when you land on her website. It’s clear that her target market is corporates, and she uses a mix of photography, illustration, words and logos to get across what she wants to say from the get go.

Foldifoldi artist website

10. Foldifoldi

foldifoldi.com | Wix

A fab example of how two disciplines (graphic design and illlustration) can blend together in a portfolio. If you have a few different disciplines or mediums, there’s nothing to stop you putting them all on the same website if they connect.

I hope you found some good inspiration here! This is only a list of 10 inspiring female artist websites, and I have quite a few more up my sleeve, so I’ll be bringing more posts like this in the future. If you’d like me to share different kinds of websites, why not drop me a comment below👇

Most of these website I believe have been self-build, so it’s completely possible to create yourself a wonderful website if you want to.

Some of the more complex websites may have been designed by a professional web designer, but you can still draw inspiration from them for you own artist website!

If you’re just getting started, why not check out my shop for guidebooks, or better yet, check out my mentoring packages to get some support along your website journey!



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