10 songs to hibernate with

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8 February 2019

Music has always been a big part of my life, and while I love a bit of silence, a lot of the time I have music playing in the background. It lifts me up, calms me down, gets me singing and keeps me motivated while I work.

As I stared out of my window this morning at a wet and windswept garden, I was grabbed by an urge to brighten this grey day with a little music. The kind that wraps itself around you like a blanket and makes the world softer. So I decided to share with you 10 songs that do just that for me – you never know, they might for you too.

1. Simply Beautiful – Al Green

2. Hurry Along – Segilola

3. Sunday – HNNY

4. Bright Star (Sunset Mix) – Stimming, Ben Watt, Julia Biel

5. Tezeta – Mulatu Astatke

6. Soothing – Laura Marling

7. Walla Illa – Tinariwen, Tunde Adebimpe

8. Azawade – The Touré-Raichel Collective

9. I Loves You Porgy – Nina Simone

10. Blue And Sentimental – Oscar Peterson

If you’ve got a bit of the winter blues, why not try to make some time for yourself this weekend to do something you love. My personal favourite in these darker months is to have 30 minutes to an hour of me-time: I snuggle up under a blanket with a hot drink, light a candle, put music on and do a puzzle or look through a magazine.

Anything gentle and mindless, just to enjoy the moment.

What songs cheer you up on a wintery day? Let me know below!



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