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23 February 2023
Soundtrack to Spring

As the daffodils start to appear and blossom tentatively creeps onto the trees here in my corner of the UK, I thought it was the perfect time for a soundtrack to welcome in the spring.

I love reflecting the mood of nature with the music I listen to, and spring is no exception. There are some beautiful songs around that celebrate the turning of the seasons, capturing the gentle tentative wakening of the world.

From Vivaldi to Simon & Garfunkel, listen to my Spotify playlist here – or preview it below – and join me in putting a soundtrack to spring! Track listings are given at the end for anyone who doesn’t use, or want to use Spotify (totally understandable).

Track Listing

  1. Bird Song – Dawn Chorus by Nature Sounds
  2. Spring 0 – 2012 by Max Richter (Vivaldi recomposed)
  3. Spring 1 – 2012 by Max Richter (Vivaldi recomposed)
  4. Cherry Blossom by Matthew Halsall
  5. Springtime Can Kill You by Jolie Holland
  6. Till April is Dead by Lisa Knapp
  7. Daffodils (Original) by Alicia Keys
  8. The Colour of Spring by Mark Hollis
  9. The Lullaby of Spring by Donovan
  10. April Come She Will by Simon & Garfunkel
  11. Singin’ in the Rain by John Martyn
  12. Searching for Lambs by Martha Tilston

Are there any springtime songs you know and love? I’d love to hear them – drop me a comment below or message me! I absolutely adore getting music suggestions.


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