About me

I live near Bath in the UK, where I love to explore the fields, woods, streams and hills of the beautiful South West.

At the core of my work is a belief in the importance of living and working from the heart, with understanding, kindness and compassion. Fundamentally, it’s what I am all about. For me, it’s key to feeling good, and staying well and happy, and I love to spread that around a little.

Laptop sketch by Rhiannon Adler

I’m a web designer, website guide, mentor, artist, crafter, smile-giver, kindness contributor, creative collaborator and all-round multipotentialite.

Cake illustration by Rhiannon Adler

In my own time I love to bake, paint, knit and craft – and I’m always exploring new avenues of creativity. I have a particular passion for anything bright, colourful and joyful.

Teacups handdrawn

I’ve been known to lose hours of time rummaging through charity shops. I have more teacups than I know what to do with…

The Dept. of Kindness

As a multipotentialite, I have a few different things on the go. I’m also co-director at The Dept of Kindness, helping to spread kindness and compassion through creativity.

I am all these things, and so much more.
About Rhiannon Adler

My experience

At heart I’m a multipotentialite – which means I thrive by having many different ventures (in fact, I sometimes call myself a multiventurite – it seems more fitting!) My skills come from a lifetime’s passion of exploration, and bringing different avenues of learning together to create new paradigms.

In many ways, the journey of my life has been my training for the work I do. Over the years I’ve taken part in a large range of formal and informal learning across many different fields, and I use the knowledge and skills I’ve learnt in each of those in the every day running of my business.

Formal learning

Development Studies BA (hons)

Photography, English Language & Sociology A-levels

Web Design & Graphic Design Diplomas

Professional Development

Current study: Health and Wellbeing through Artmaking with University Arts London

Transforming Divi with CSS & jQuery

Professional Life Coach Certification (Accred.)

Therapeutic Art Life Coach Certification (Accred.)

Get Creative With People to Solve Problems CPD

SEO with Josh Hall

Exploring Play CPD

Digital Wellbeing CPD

Adobe Indesign, Illustrator & Photoshop

Personal study

Mindfulness MBCT

9+ years meditation practice

WordPress + Divi


Creative Writing



Find Your Creative Voice

3 years Fine Art Studies

All kinds of creative workshops

A personal mission to find the best cake recipes

Italian – é una bella lingua!