Collaborate with me

I collaborate with creatives and change-makers all around the world to build meaningful, fun and playful creative wellbeing experiences.

Projects full of kindness & compassion.

My work is inspired by the belief that connecting to our innate creativity in a non-judgemental way can play a huge role in improving our mental health and wellbeing… and even our physical health too.

I believe:

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Everyone is creative

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People are fundamentally good

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The small, simple things in life are important

Sound good? Let’s collaborate!

Thinking - collaborate

Rhiannon is truly a dash of magic and an absolute pleasure to work with


Like all amazingly good creative things, the process and journey of working alongside Rhiannon is full of joy, surprises, collaborative smorgasboards of energy and a wonderful fusion of things coming beautifully together. 

Rhiannon is full of creative flair, intuition, understanding of what is needed and her commitment to social & wellbeing projects shines though. We have loved every step of this project guided by her calm and knowledgeable influence.

Ailsa Eaglestone

Special Projects Manager, Bath Mind

How we can collaborate

I’ve collaborated with all kinds of brilliant organisations and artists in a whole host of different ways. From creative consultations and ideas generation, to workshops, websites and online implementation. The best thing to do is get in touch so we can chat about your project or ideas, and decide whether we’re a good fit. I have connections to other amazing creatives and artists, so I can also bring in other people where it’s a good fit. Here’s a few examples of my collaborations to give you an idea of my work:
Room 627
Room 627

Collaboration with Bath Mind. I provide creative consultations, workshops facilitation and support, web design & content creation.

The Dept. of Kindness
The Dept. of Kindness
Collaboration with artist Ali Brown. I co-run the organisation and design the website.
The Hug Exchange
The Hug Exchange
Collaboration with The Compassion Revolution & Ali Brown. I provided ideas development, web design & implementation.

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