Creative Mentoring

Guiding creative souls, solopreneurs, multipotentialites and change makers to live, create and work full of heart

Follow your own path

At the heart of my creative mentoring is my belief that we all have our own path to follow in life.

Our own wonderful set of feelings, skills, values and intentions that make us uniquely ourselves. Nobody else in this world is quite like us, and so nobody in this world really knows what’s right or wrong for us… other than ourselves.

In mentoring, I can guide you to find clarity and focus, and follow your own path to live, create and work with ease and gentle intention.

From connecting to your innate creativity to growing a thriving business, learning to live as a multipotentialite or building a website, my mentoring is flexible to suit you.


Whether you’re at a crossroads in your existing business, you dream of taking the leap into self employment or there’s a particular problem that’s bugging you, with me by your side we can make real, lasting change in your creative work or life.

Your mentoring calls will be tailored to your own needs and situation, we’ll go at a pace that suits you and I’ll be there to keep you accountable. Together we can take intentional, focussed steps towards where you truly want to be.

Let’s make things work for YOU, on your own terms.

You have a lovely, reassuring presence 

…and you were able to ask me just the right questions to help me hone in on what was really important. Speaking with you helped me to realise that I am on the right path and that the answers I’m looking for are already inside me. I feel much calmer and with a greater sense of purpose and clarity, which has helped me move forward.

Meredith Hutter

In creative mentoring we could explore…



Get my experienced eye to assist you with your website. We could do a DIY-along, and launch your very first website, or detangle any specific struggles you’re having with your existing website.


Creative flavour

Explore what creativity means to you and how you express it. Everyone can create, and we each have our own creative flavour to share with the world. What’s yours?


Working with intention

Make your business work for you. Plan with integrity and authenticity, find a working week that feels good and define your own version of success.


Pivot your business

Ready for a change? Offload and detangle your thoughts to create an aligned plan of action for the next phase of your journey in your creative business.


Launch a business

Work out how you want your business to look and feel, and take consistent steps to getting things started.


Connection strategy

Break out of the traditional model of marketing, and create a connection strategy that feels meaningful and fun! Generate ideas for blogs, networking, mailings lists, opt-ins and so much more.


Offerings + pricing

Find clarity around your offerings and create packages you’re excited about. Price your work in a way that feels good and provides a sustainable income.



Work out ways to satisfy your need for variety, create a flexible business model and explore umbrella brands.

These are just examples – if you have something else in mind, do ask!

After one conversation with you I’m feeling a spark of energy

…to take the next steps in my business which has definitely been missing for a long time. I do feel like I can make headway in my business again!

Heidi Jess

Why me?

Rhiannon Adler Creative Mentoring

As a creative multipotentialite, I have experience in a lot of different areas, which provides me with a breadth of knowledge and insight I can use to support others in mentoring.

I’ve worked in design and communications for more than 13 years, and have run my own creative business since 2015. Alongside building websites I’ve explored selling my own art and crafts, collaborated on creative projects and I co-direct The Dept of Kindness.

At 21 I was diagnosed with a chronic illness, which put me on the fast track to learn how to accept myself as I am, and honour my own needs and boundaries. Since I started my own business I’ve been exploring ways to grow it gently and sustainably, away from the hustle.

All of this together provides me with a rock solid belief that it’s ok to explore doing things your own way… no matter how ‘different’ that is.

You are very thorough – you really try to dig deep and get to the root issue, and then work out different solutions. You have a wealth of web design knowledge and I learned a lot about web design. I was able to talk things out as I moved through stages of writing, design, etc, and walk through things on my website that would be way too hard to figure out on my own on Google.

Aliya Bora

Creative mentoring packages

My mentoring is available in two packages of either 3 or 7 one-hour Zoom calls. Both include email support throughout, so you’ll have me by your side the whole time.

We’ll set intentions and heart-centred goals in each call, so you take away a calm, clear plan of action to work on.

3 Calls

1-2 months

Meet every 1-4 weeks

3x one-hour Zoom calls

Email support throughout

Notes sent afterwards with any links, resources, intentions and action plans

3 trees planted

Perfect to dive into a select few topics or do a bit of website detangling


7 Calls

5 months

Meet every 2-3 weeks

7x one-hour Zoom calls

Email support throughout

Notes sent after calls with any links, resources, intentions and action plans

7 trees planted

The best for making bigger changes and great things happen


Payment plans of 3, 6 or 12 months are available

Get started

Send a message using the form below to enquire about my availability.

I’ll send you a link to book a free 20 minute discovery call where we can get to know each other and decide whether we’re a good fit.


Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We can set up a monthly payment plan for any of my mentoring packages so you can split the cost. We’ll discuss this in the discovery call.

Is it possible to have calls on evenings or weekends?

No I’m afraid not.

I work flexible hours Monday – Friday 9am-5pm GMT, and I do not work outside of these hours.

Do you work with people outside the UK?

Yes, absolutely! So far I’ve worked with wonderful people from countries all over the world including France, the US & Canada. Distance isn’t an issue as long as you have reasonable internet for the Zoom calls.

You will need to take into account time zone differences however, as I take calls between the hours of 9am-5pm GMT.

1 tree planted for every call

when you sign up to a mentoring package