How can I contact you?

You can email me at rhiannon@rhiannonadler.co.uk 

Do you still do websites?
Generally, no. I’m no longer offering website design or website services on a 1:1 / client basis. I am still offering website design & digital services where I am working collaboratively on a creative project, but I do not provide ongoing web support or maintenance.
What is your tree programme?

I’m a proud Treesisters partner, and I donate to their tree planting projects once a quarter. When I say I have planted trees, this means I have donated the equivalent amount to fund the planting of the trees. I get these statistics from Treesisters, as they give me a running total of how many trees I have funded.

I plant 1 tree for every:

  • Product I sell
  • Paid workshop I run
  • Service someone purchases from me

TreeSisters has so far funded the planting of over 19 million trees around the world, and focuses on the reforestation of ethical, community-led natural environments. You can find out more about them on their website: https://treesisters.org/

I just worked with you, why hasn't your tree count changed?

I donate to Treesisters every quarter, so it might take a couple of months for my tree count to change.

I have a question not covered here

You can email me at rhiannon@rhiannonadler.co.uk with any queries or you can send me a message through my contact form here.