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9 April 2019

Struggling to get the most out of Instagram?

Can’t increase your following?

Wondering how to engage without losing your integrity?

Have a #headache?

Fear not! In today’s post, I’m sharing 5 resources I’ve found and tried (and like) to help you get the most out of your Instagram account whilst staying true to your own needs and values.

1. Vicky Shilling

How to grow an engaged Instagram following

A great starting resource is this piece from Vicky Shilling, which I think offers a good overview of some of the key points to using Instagram whilst staying genuine.


2. Mackenzie Brown

Instagram & the 6 point rule

I found this free guide very clear and simple to follow, and I came away feeling like I had just unlocked the key to using hashtags properly! To get the guide, you need to sign up to the newsletter on Mackenzie Brown’s website.


3. Me & Orla

This whole website is devoted to Instagram, and Sarah’s approach leaves you feeling incredibly calm. There is a podcast, posts giving Instagram advice, a book and classes, including a free class ‘The Insta-Retreat: 7 Days to a Better Instagram’.


4. Letters from a hopeful creative

This is a weekly podcast series offering guidance and encouragement to other creatives running their own businesses. They offer a nicely supportive approach, grounded in their own experiences as successful business owners.

There are a few podcasts specifically looking at Instagram which are well worth a listen, including “Let’s talk about Instagram anxiety” and “Can I stay true to myself on Instagram while also being strategic?”


5. Dean Street Society

Free Instagram class

This free, 1-hour webinar gives a whirlwind introduction to Dean Street Society’s more comprehensive course on using Instagram. It’s fast-paced, but as a result is packed with interesting information. It’s a good resource if you want to go deeper and focus on growing your following, although on the flip side I did find the sheer volume of information a little overwhelming at times!



Cover photo by Sandrachile on Unsplash

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