Website care plan

Keeping your website tickety-boo

Let me care for your website

…and make sure it’s maintained, backed up and secure

Once a website goes live it’s important to keep it looked after. Themes, plugins and site tools needs to be kept updated and optimised to protect your site from potential hacks and other threats that can bring your site down and get you blacklisted from Google.

My monthly website care plan takes the stress away from you. I’ll make sure that month to month your site is protected, updated, maintained, backed up… and generally fresh and healthy.

You’ll also get an hour of my time every month so you can reach out at any point for website support, guidance, edits, additions or potential issues. I’ve got your back.

What’s in the plan?

My website care plan includes the following:


I’ll keep your website updated & maintained to keep it secure.


WordPress updated


Theme updated


Plugins updated


I’ll regularly monitor and clean your site to keep it running smooth and fast.


Database cleaned up


Broken links checked and repaired


Spam comments deleted


Your site will be backup up weekly in multiple locations and can be restored at any time.


Weekly offsite backups


5 previous backups kept at a time, so you can revert to a previous version of your website if needed


I’ll scan, monitor and protect your website from malware and hacks.


Website scanning & monitoring


Preventative hack tools put in place


Firewall (extra security barrier) available if needed

As a bonus !

I’ll take care of any quick website updates you might have (up to 1hr) every month! You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your site is safe and that you have me in your corner for any quick updates or any issues you may have.

Get started

To get started, drop me a message below or book a free chat



Are there any setup or cancellation fees?

Nope! I won’t charge any setup or cancellation fees, and you’ll be on a rolling monthly subscription so you can cancel at any time.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yep, you’ll be on a rolling monthly subscription so you can cancel at any time – just get in touch if you want to cancel your service.

Does my monthly update time roll over?

Negatory on that one – the retainer is for an hour each month, so use it or lose it!

What if I have updates that require more than an hour?
No problemo lovely! You can hire me to carry out any additional editing work you need doing. Find out more about that here.
What if my site gets hacked while I'm on the plan?

If your site should get compromised while you’re on the plan – I’ll take care of cleaning the site at no extra cost to you. So far I’ve had ZERO hacks or breaches with any sites I’m caring for.

What if I pass on the plan and my site gets hacked?

You’ll need specialist help for that. You can arrange to get your website cleaned yourself, or I can organise the cleanup for an initial fee of £250. Once your site is clean, we can immediately get you on my care plan to make sure it’s protected from future hacks.

Do you do discounts for multiple sites?

Yep, I sure do! Get in touch to enquire about looking after multiple sites.


1 tree planted

when you sign up to my website care plan, and for every additional year you stay with me