Website editing

When you don’t have the time or skills to do website edits (or you simply don’t want to)…

Let me edit your website for you

Websites are my bread and butter and I’ve spent the last 13 or so years fiddling with WordPress, learning its quirks and getting to grips with code, so I can get website editing done pretty snappish.

I help out existing clients and new clients alike. I specialise in Divi on WordPress, but I may be able to work on websites in other themes and platforms depending on the situation – do enquire.

I can assist with general website editing, HTML & CSS coding fixes, adding blog posts, adding shop items, new pages and more.

I appreciate that everyone’s needs and budgets are different, and so I offer a few different options:


Hire me when needed

If you only need bits of website editing every now and again, just drop me a line when you have some work that needs doing. I’ll give you a time and cost estimate.


Time tracking

If you regularly need work doing, I can keep a record of my hours worked and invoice you monthly. A spending cap can be agreed so you don’t get unexpectedly large bills.


Monthly package

For routine edits we can create a direct debit to cover a set number of hours. You may also be interested in my website care plan, which includes 1 hour of edits per month.
My rates are currently £35/hour

Minimum time chargeable is one hour

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