Bespoke mentoring

“Be bold enough to live life on your terms, and never, ever apologize for it. Go against the grain, refuse to conform, take the road less traveled instead of the well-beaten path.”

 Mandy Hale

Create a mentoring package to suit you

We all have our own path to follow. Our own wonderful set of feelings, skills and intentions that make us uniquely ourselves.

I can guide you to notice that. To own that. And to be the most ‘you’ that you can be.

This is a space for you to discuss whatever you need, and get some support to build and grow your creative business – online or offline.

You might be:

Struggling to focus

Lacking motivation

Feeling alone or disconnected

Looking for accountability to take consistent action in your work

In need of an inspiration boost

Setting up as a solopreneur

Wanting to shift direction in your work

…whatever the reason, I can help you take intentional steps forward to make real lasting change in your work, and create a business on your own terms.

In bespoke mentoring, we can create a package to best suit your needs. Each mentoring session is a one-hour Zoom call, which could be once a week, once a month, once a quarter, once a year or anything in between. You can also just book the odd one-off call as and when you need it… you decide how often works best for you.

“After one conversation with you I’m feeling a spark of energy to take the next steps in my business which has definitely been missing for a long time…. I do feel like I can make headway in my business again!”

Heidi Jess

Things we could work on together…



Work out what you want to accomplish with heart-centred goals, break projects down into achievable chunks and stay on track with me as your accountability buddy.

Monthly check-ins

Take consistent action and recognise your accomplishments with monthly check-ins. We can reflect on the month that’s passed, and create intentions for the month ahead.

Quarterly or yearly reviews

Great things happen when you keep sight of the bigger picture. Plan for your quarter or year ahead, set intentions and decide what’s important for you moving forward.

Setting up a business

Explore how you want your business to look and feel, and take consistent steps to getting your business off the ground.

Ideas and inspiration

Get the spark back in your creativity or work, throw around ideas with another creative or get out of head to talk through a problem.



Find some clarity around your services, offerings and opt-ins. Explore your true strengths and create packages you’re excited about.

Pricing your work

Explore different strategies to pricing your work and find solutions that feel good and provide a sustainable income.

“Prior to the call, I felt pulled in many directions and as if I wasn’t being strategic. Now I feel much calmer and with a greater sense of purpose and clarity, which has helped me move forward.”

Meredith Hutter

Bespoke mentoring



1 hour video calls on Zoom.

One-off as needed or regular sessions.

Frequency of calls arranged to suit you.

Get support and advice to help you work out the right path for YOU.

Notes sent to you afterwards, with links, resources, intentions and action plan.

Or send me a message to enquire