For me, running a truly sustainable business means caring for myself, other people and the world around me whilst I make a living. At the end of the day I’m human and sometimes have to make imperfect choices, but I do as much as I am able with the resources and knowledge available to me. I try to take the more ecological and ethical options wherever I can, and am always on the lookout for changes I can make to live more aligned to my values.

I am to make my work…

Sustainable for me







Sustainable for others

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Offering value

Providing authentic offerings of value and worth to others

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Supporting independents

I purchase products and services from B-corps, small & independent businesses wherever I can.

Sustainable for the planet



I try to purchase new items and technology for my business only when something breaks or is essential.


I try not to waste materials, especially in my art practice. I will often use scraps and found household items in things I make.

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Whatever waste I can recycle, I do recycle. I also make sure that any packaging materials I use are fully recyclable, and avoid plastics.

Carbon neutral hosting

I currently use Siteground hosting, which runs on the Google Cloud Platform. They match 100% of the energy consumed by their global operations with renewable energy and have committed to be carbon neutral.

Using Ecosia

I use Ecosia as my primary search engine, which is powered by solar energy and uses profits to plant trees. As of 14/08/23, I have planted 34 trees through my searches.

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Treesisters partner

I have been a Treesisters partner since 2021, and plant one tree for every purchase I make or workshop I run. I make donations quarterly, and keep track of my tree count on my homepage.